'Murder on the French Riviera'  Game Synopsis

8-15 guests

Frank McGovern, the French Riviera’s most well-known English entrepreneur, has been found dead on the quiet island of St. Hilaire off the coast of Cannes. After an initial investigation, Father Plausible, of the island’s monastery, is taken into custody and charged with the murder. Is there enough evidence to charge him with the crime? Or are the other suspects equally suspect? The suspects gather together to pay their last respects to the victim...

A challenging modern-day murder mystery for 8-15 players set in the South of France.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

We did the full 15 participants. This was NOT our first Murder Mystery Dinner game but it was the first through this company. All the pre-game supplies were wonderful and helpful. I loved the email capability for invites, communications and clues. However, this game was a bit confusing for first timers and even those of us who were experienced. Clues should have been more outlined for when each participant should state a fact as sometimes a participant would reveal their own clue before it was set-up by another member! Also, the script should have been written in first person "I didn''t kill Frank" or use the 3rd person "you didn''t kill the Frank" in a separate set-up paragraph. Some folks were more comfortable just reading straight from their script and kinda hard to convert 3rd person to 1st person on the fly. Despite the confusion during Round 0 & 1 {our guests had lots of patience!} we did a recap before Round 2 to remind everyone that every clue/challenge they have had to be tossed out and if they had an answer to a challenge, let the group know that someone was slacking! We really recommend that the hosts read the script all the way through and don''t assign a major character to themselves so they can help the rest of the guests. We passed out awards at the end for Top Banana actor & Cheesiest costume/acting. We also drew and outline of the body on the front porch to represent poor Frank! Guests loved it!!
Janine C. - Parker, CO
Tuesday, November 08, 2011
This was a very fun game and perfect for a summer mystery party. I would like to add, that I enjoy the games created by Nora Louise Syran. Her writing is top-notch, her games being for the more "serious sleuths" full of clues and complex solutions, yet they are done with a lot of whimsy and plain fun. Murder on the French Riviera is a CSI type of crime, with a rich setting that the host can exploit to the fullest. If the weater cooperates and you have an outdoor area to play in, take advantage of it, like we did. I would recommend that the host or hostess read through the entire game and get an idea on how the plot and the pacing of the party works. Some characters are there for added color, or to move the plot along, and those are roles better suited for the hosts, who need to keep things organized. However, I would add, that the part of Claire Voyant, the medium, should be given to a player who loves to ham it up. We played her as a bumbling medium, with occasional psychic powers. The host may even wish to tip this character off to some of the more shady sides to the other characters, without giving away crucial secrets. This way, the character can conduct mock "readings" for the other guests, dropping hints as well as adding a little comic relief. All in all, a great party, with a clever ending that makes sense. I highly recommend this game. I''d also like to add, that both the Host-Party.com site as well as the authors, are some great people to deal with. They answer questions promptly and help when they can. For instance, the author recently revamped this game, and being that I purchased the title previously, she offered to email me the new version, for free. I thought this was a nice gesture, and the new version works so much better. Thank you for a truly wonderful gaming experience and I look forward to hosting many more parties from this site.
Dennis P. - South Plainfield, NJ
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
I did "Murder on the French Riviera" for my birthday party. Overall I have to say this was a fun game... My guests loved the Fingerprint Analysis. I liked the menu ideas... I would use this site again for a murder mystery game.
Florence M. - San Diego, CA
Wednesday, March 02, 2011