'A World Animal Rescue'  Game Synopsis

6 - 13 Guests

Top handlers and animal researchers from around the world have come to the World Wildlife Zoo’s Annual Convention. This year’s convention is very exciting. Rumor has it that the zoo is housing the only known, living Tasmanian tiger, found on a secret island near Tasmania! But the guests have only begun to get comfortable and share the latest discoveries from their home zoos when Police Investigator Taylor calls for their attention. William Ivins, the Director of World Wildlife Zoo, has been murdered, his office ransacked, and his keys stolen. To make matters worse, all the animals in the zoo have been let out of their habitats! Save animals, collect clues, and catch the killer among you in this entertaining, educational, battle of wits! A mystery party for 6 - 13 girls and/or boys ages 9 to 12, with the assistance of 1 or 2 adults. See also World Animal Rescue II: Mysterious Creatures.

The game is set in the present. Guests track down clues inside and/or outside (both is usually best). The larger the group, the more room you’ll want to hide clues. Scavenger hunt style.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

This party was a SMASHING success! We had six 10 year-olds and one 8 year-old (who kept up just fine) and they all had a blast. No one left without a smile on their face! THANK YOU!!
Rylee T. - Glendale, AZ
Tuesday, February 07, 2012
I held this party for 10 year old girls. They seemed to have a great time. I ordered this honestly with only 5 days before the party. I had searched and decided on this party earlier and read that it was all available to download, so I waited knowing that it was all at my fingertips. This was a mistake. This game takes a lot of preparation. It is not hard just a lot of cutting and pasting etc. You also need some time for the girls to study the animal tips which should be e-mailed ahead of time. All in all I would order from this site again. This particular game was good for the girls that were invited as they learned about animals. If you had a more rowdy group of kids they might not want to spend the time on the learning part of this mystery.
Hope L. - , columbus, Ohio
Thursday, January 05, 2012
This was a huge success because of the well writen and organized game. The author was instrumental in helping me create more characters and more ideas for pre and post activities. We invited my daughter''s entire 6th grade class to share in her birthday "World Animal Rescue" in May 2006. It was perfect for these 11-12 year old boys and girls. There were parts for those who like to quietly participate and actively participate. We also broke into teams that mixed up the kids and all got along perfectly and all were engaged in the activities. We played the game in our backyard and in our house. So it works no matter what the weather. I HIGHLY recommend this murder mystery! Nancy Adelson
Lori . - Sammamish, WA
Tuesday, May 31, 2011
The game was great, but I may have been too subtle in my clues for the 9 and 10 year olds playing. Next time will be easier as I imagine it is always difficult to get it perfect the first time you host a Murder Mystery party. All the girls enjoyed the game - even if they did require help finding the animals. We ended up with two who discovered the identity of the killer before others had even received their second clue ! Overall it was a fun game - though it did require a few hours of preparation. It is definitely a game to be played outdoors unless you have a mansion as it would be too quick and probably too easy if played indoors.
Charlotte P. - Stradbroke, IP21 5JN
Thursday, October 23, 2008
My friend did this for her tenth birthday.Everyone had a blast.I was the murder!!!
Corrie - Clayton,North Carolina
Tuesday, October 14, 2008
This game was a lot of fun. Not as hard as I had anticipated for set-up. I had a teenager run the game while I chatted with the other adults at the party. The kids were mostly in the third grade, but had a great time. We had to explain some things to them, but overall they understood.
Melanie I. - ,Aiken, SC
Saturday, October 11, 2008
This party was for 12 11-13 year olds. They had a great time. They played some xbox games and made up their own scavenger hunts because they were so excited. When the time came to start the hunt we took all the kids out to the garage to play with the pinata while the other adults were hiding all the clues around the house. We split the house into continents and encoded all the clues. This was a ton of work, but well worth it for the fun and great memories everyone left with.
Jennifer S. - Ann Arbor, MI
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Takes a while to set up but well worth it. The children really appreciated the attention to detail with name badges etc. I set up a garden room as the convention centre.It was decorated with safari print borders - lots of khaki, beige and animal print! There was a tv showing wildlife diaries or for TY Taz the playstation game. We also had a lap top with some safari games - giving the room a multimedia centre look! I also put out a few puzzles like safari rushhour so the kids had things to do if it rained! All children were given the clue "Thylacinus Cynocephalus" on their invites. They researched this on the internet before coming. We then had a quiz to win extra prizes! It also started the rumour that the zoo had a tasmanian tiger in captivity! I even sourced a cuddly tasmanian tiger off the internet which the children were asked to solve a clue to find him. Great fun - my daughter is planning to do the sequel next year!!
Dawn L. - Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
We used this game for my daughters 11th birthday party, all seemed to enjoy it. The scavenger hunt was very sucessful with just enough clues to suss out the culprits. I found that you have to read through all the information more than once, to make sure you haven't missed anything! A lot of pre-party organising was required but worthwhile. I colour co-ordinated the name badges and info sheets with the team colours. I found a very good website called 'Partybox' from which I ordered cowboy hats and balloons with safari prints. The guests kept the hats instead of a party bag! A very enjoyable afternoon! Thank you
Mrs. L. - Sale, Cheshire, UK
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
We hosted twelve 5th graders, and they seemed to have a wonderful time hunting for clues and ultimately solving the mystery. Each of the 12 wore straw safari hats during the night which made it even more festive. We used the suggestion made by someone else to divide the house into continents and that worked very well. We also encoded the key clue word on each animal tip card which made the game a little more difficult. The information given for this game was easy to use, and very well organized for the host's benefit.
Sue L. - Germantown, TN
Wednesday, January 30, 2008