'Dead Men Do Tell Tales'  Game Synopsis

8-11 Guests

Captain Jack Ketch is dead. There be no bones about it. His body lies at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, deep in Davy Jones's locker. Now, dead men don't usually tell tales, but the Captain is talking. His ghost's been seen haunting the harbor of Port Bourbon. Everyone in town is frightened to death. There's talk of a black spot, a lost treasure and a spirit doomed to haunt them all until a killer is brought to justice. The Governor has called everyone to "The Three Horseshoes" to find out who killed the Captain and why.

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A murder mystery for 8-11 guests. Pirates of the Indian Ocean!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

Love your costumes! What a fun party.My lttile guy was a chicken, so my husband and i dressed up like farmers. My daughter was going to be a horse, but saw the pegasus costume at Target and begged me for it. She didn't quite fit in with our farm theme, but what can you do.Happy Halloween!
Maria - 1QfN7RPMr
Saturday, October 03, 2015
We had a great party! We had about 80 guests.The only suggestion i have is during the 3rd and 4th act it was very confusing the way it was written. It would have been easier for the characters if it had been line by line rather than all the lines of a character on one sheet. It was hard for the characters to know when it was their line. If you do purchase this i would recomend puttin g those two acts on one sheet and copying it for everone to make it easier to understand. Other than that it was great! i would encourage all guest to dress the theme so they look like towns people during the play. We rented a large tent with heaters so we would have plenty of space.We served Carribean jerk pork,fruit cheeses and of course rum punch! My husband thought it was crazy to have a "play" and all the extras why not just a halloween party? Well by the end of the party he was talking about next years party and how we needed to choose the play now and practice for next year! We are hooked!!!!!
cathy - indianapolis In
Friday, January 21, 2011
Great game! All the information was there to get started and to be creative on how to add extra things to the end! We have done many murder mystery dinners, this was the first from this website and I loved it. Already starting to plan another one!!
Becka - Loveland, CO
Thursday, January 20, 2011
We had a fantastic time! Thanks to the excellent host-party.com website, each guest felt personally invited and served. Costumes were a scream, as guests followed the suggested apparel and then added a prop here and there. Both the characters and plot were well-conceived, and just one person correctly guessed who was the culprit. The only flaw was possibly the clues which were at times confusing and contained such phrases as, "If Ima O''Pare is playing..." It would be a good idea for the hosts to edit the game materials before printing them out. We will definitely do this again or risk disappointing all of our friends!
Paula R. - Tucson
Sunday, December 12, 2010
A hot summer night of fantastic fun on Cap d'Antibes with me dressed as the fearsome pirate Yves Eaux. Great characters whose personalities and foibles emerged beautifully as the night progressed, the twists and turns of the plot were quite fascinating, and the final revelation made perfect sense. We all had good information about ourselves meaning we could really get into the parts and quite apart from our costumes we were all very aware of who everyone was. Really looking forward to the next game!
Jill L. - Antibes, France
Thursday, September 23, 2010
We had an hilarious evening playing this game.The characters were all so much larger than life and the plot so rich in detail that everyone entered into the spirit of the story right from the beginning.The whole package was imaginatively designed to help the host establish the theme and create a great ambience.A real winner of a story and the murderer gets to walk the plank!!!
Hilary K. - Antibes, France
Tuesday, September 14, 2010