'The Murder Game'  Game Synopsis

6 -8 Guests (including Host)

If you like 'CLUE' you'll love this game! Was it Blackie Knight in the Music Room? Was it Rusty Foxe in the Picture Gallery? Or was it Skye Blue in the Wine Cellar? Sound familiar? Here's the chance for you and your guests to play this classic whodunnit of who, where, and why for you set in a mysterious grand home during the "Roaring '20s." As each round of the game is played everyone (if they ask the right questions) can detect the where (there are 8 rooms), the who (8 suspects) and the why (8 different motives) of this most intriguing murder.

Who would kill Ann Nonomus? And where? And why? Play "The Murder Game" and find out!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

We had a really great time with this mystery. We only had 6 people, and although the game includes 8 characters, I appreciated that it told which characters could be cut out, and who to redistribute their clues to. The game was very simple and easy, so it''s good for first-timers. However, the character descriptions were pretty short- so occasionally, someone would accuse another person of something, and that person would have no idea how to respond. Some of the clues we had to hide seemed kind of silly, because they had to do with other people- and so the topic never came up. (It would have been better if the information was something about ourselves.) But overall, we had a great time. The murderer didn''t know who they were until the last scene, and we had a really great discussion about our guesses before the murderer was revealed. Lots of fun!
Katie H. - Athens, Ohio
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
We had a great time playing the game. Overall, we all agreed that the clues could be a little more specific about who the potential murderer could be in the 3 round compared to everyone still having the finger pointed at them. It was hard for everyone to find 1920''s costumes so we just stuck to the color scheme. next time I''ll find a agame that uses more props. I would buy another game from this site!
Mandy L. - Missouri
Sunday, March 25, 2012
It was great fun, and only one person guessed the murderer.
David B. - Romford UK
Tuesday, January 24, 2012
This was a great game!! They are reenacting one of their favorite board games, so they all knew what to do. They loved the costuming and everyone stayed in character. We used it for my daughter's 12th BD party and easily adjusted it to adapt to all girls. I was concerned that it would be too hard for them to figure out, but they solved it!!
Susan M. - Huntington Beach, CA
Saturday, June 12, 2010