'The Psycho Circus'  Game Synopsis

8-13 Guests

Ladies and Gents, hold your horses...the circus is in town! But where is Reginald the Ringmaster? He's nowhere to be found on the Freaky Fairground. All that's left of him is his top hat which was found in the lion's cage. And the lion is not hungry... As the circus misfits get closer and closer to solving the mystery, more of them will die strange and seemingly inexplicable deaths, each with a mysterious Tarot card left behind at the scene of the crime. Will they be able to work together to solve the crimes before "The Psycho Circus" opens? After all, the show must go on...

Ever thought of running away and joining the circus? Think again. Play an eerily entertaining and challenging circus murder mystery game for 8-13 guests. All guests will play...but some from the grave. (Teen version also available)

Also available in: Teen Version

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Murder Mystery Reviews

The characters in the game were fun and didn't have nearly so flat characters that some of other games I'd looked at. Everyone enjoyed dressing up and we all got into character well. The game started VERY late due to two of the main characters being delayed an hour and half so as a result some of the excitement had worn off. Everyone said they enjoyed playing but everyone was also confused by the solution. Why would the killer of killed the second person? It was noted that they 'knew too much' but having read through all the clues again it is pretty clear the second victim did not, in fact, know too much. Everyone was scratching their heads as well about the black cloak clue that pointed in every direction but the right one. I think these two plot points should be tightened up. Oh and that Reginald saw the shoes of the killer should have been enough for him to have been able to identify them, given the character's identity and what they were doing immediately before. Also the two additional characters that were played (Serpentine and Samson) seemed quite flat compared to the others. Only I knew that they were extras but during the guessing round several people noted that we knew very little about Serpentine especially and she had very little connection to the murders. Final judgment was that the game was fun due to the idea but the clues were not enough to find the killer and in at least one case, in my mind, ruled them out.
Andrew - Visby, Sweden
Thursday, November 16, 2017
I bought The Psycho Circus because the characters seemed great and the ability to customise was fantastic as I could add characters to expand out the invite list (always too hard to choose!) The party went really well with fantastic characters and great plot twists. Some of the writing was a bit inconsistent with some fantastic bawdy double entendres to start with but not so many later, but massive amounts of fun were had by all! Thanks
James C. - Melbourne, Australia
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
This was our Second Annual party. It was a HUGE success! The clues were different than the first year. THis year it was more interactive and more adlib. If you have a group of people that are creative...it will be a breeze! We had 13 characters and I made videos for the Ghost of Reginald the Ring Master when he spoke his lines. You can search them on YouTube. For decorating... I made 3 cages with stuffed animals in them (lion elephant monkey). We put red and white strips of plastic tablecloth down the "circus room" to make the tent and put up paper LED lanterns for ambiance. We also had games. Ring toss (beer bottles), A box with different sized holes to toss peanuts in, and a "Dumpo" elephant peanut toss game (if you got the peanut in the trunk or mouth, it would "poop" it out...hence "Dumpo") We game out tickets to the guests that they could turn in for drinks ect. Have fun with it... this was all adults and it was a blast!
Brian a. - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Thursday, October 31, 2013
We really enjoyed ''The Psycho Circus''. As the host, I read the solution and some of the clues beforehand, but I don''t know if that is really necessary-- as long as you pay attention to the instructions for each round the host could still participate in the game and it would go smoothly I think. We had 11 people in our early 30''s and everyone agreed it was really fun and interesting-- definitely something different to do! Dressing up in costumes was fun as well, they''re not just for Halloween anymore!
Allison . - Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, May 03, 2012
This was a fun and fairly easy first time murder mystery. We used it for my son''s 21st Birthday Party. We decided we should have dressed in character to make it easier for everyone to remember who was who. We had such a great time that at the end of the party we began planning for our next murder mystery party. Thank you for making my son''s 21st Birthday a night we will never forget.
Debbie . - Lakeview, Oregon
Sunday, September 25, 2011
Played Psycho Circus on Halloween night. All of us were college students between 23 and 26. The Adult version isn't scary at all, and only adult because there are mentions of affairs or something small like that. It definitely helps to look at things ahead of time, and know what to do in each round before the game even starts. I tried to play the game myself, without looking at anything, and we often got lost. Its somewhat scripted, being sort of like a play that you watch, AND take part in. You really have to pay attention, and know your part before each round. Otherwise, if you don't and the host didn't read everything ahead of time, things will get crazy. I had 11 girls and 2 guys playing. Its very hard to keep things in line like that as well. I tried to change names a little (Tammy instead of Tommy), but the clues reference names way too much. Not to mention everything saying "he" or "she." All in all, still fun. But by the end of it, I was very worn out.
Mike P. - Manhattan, KS
Monday, November 01, 2010
We had 15 of my daughters friends at the Psycho Circus for her 16th birthday. Everyone really enjoyed it and want to do another mystery soon. They totally got into the costumes and did an awesome time staying in character the whole evening. I definitely recommend the host reading through the entire game and helping to narrate what is happening. It was a little confusing at times and if I had been playing I wouldn't have known what to do next at times.
darcy p. - Eugene, OR
Monday, May 31, 2010
Another fun game from Host-Party.Com. The author does a great job, and the solution to the mystery is satisfying and makes sense. So, from a "mystery" point of view, it works well. However, the plot and setting itself, is just plain FUN! You'll have a blast! The circus setting makes it a fun night for you and your guests. And I liked the "multiple murders," as it kind of reminded me of "Clue" and "10 Little Indians," but not so serious. Add a few activities and serve up some popcorn and hot dogs and enjoy a night at the Psycho Circus! This was a great time!
Dennis P. - Edison, New Jersey U.S.A.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
I hosted this party for my sons 16th birthday with 12 of his friends, it was a huge success and they all threw themselves into the spirit of the game, their costumes were fantastic and only one person guessed the murderer. Highly recommended. We broke up the evening with a few 'teen ' party games and everyone had a great time. An evening to remember for a long time.!!!!!
S.Merola - UK
Thursday, October 29, 2009