'Chinese Tea House Take-Out'  Game Synopsis

8-12 Guests

Madame Wong, a wealthy widow, is surrounded by her friends and the loyal customers of her Tea House, "The Garden of Good Fortune." Madame Wong, Matchmaker Madame Hu Woo, the Bookseller and Musician have just sat down to another round of Mahjong when Madame Wong suddenly freezes and falls over, dead. She has been poisoned, by a blow-dart. Everyone present could have done it as everyone had the means and a motive. Who killed Madame Wong?

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A challenging Chinese murder mystery for 8-12 players set in Hong-Kong, 1910. Perfect for the Chinese New Year or any time of the year; just order Chinese take-out and play!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

Murder at the Chinese Teahouse is a good murder mystery ( out of the 10-12 that I have tried). There where many twists and turns which made for a interesting story. I would highly recommend that the secondary character Chou Chou, the kitchen helper, be included. She added a lot to the story. The mystery itself was difficult to guess and was mostly a game of guessing motives. In my game, the murderer got 0 accusations, with 3 accusations against 1 character and the rest somewhat distributed between 4 others. Annoyingly, there was an error in the text of the maid, which caused some problems, but we figured it out quickly and got around it.
Thomas E. - Ballerup, Denmark
Thursday, March 15, 2012
This game worked well for Chinese New Year. We ordered takeout, but also provided a selection of Chinese nibbles and a Tray of Happpiness (dried fruits). We packaged the clues for each round in felt fortune cookies and various origami envelopes. We started with the takeout meal (so it wouldn''t get cold), then did rounds 1-3. After this we had a tea ceremony (with Chinese pee boys), and Ah SI Now read our cups and offered Chinese wisdom. After dessert, we tried to guess the murderer, then read out the final round and confession. We gave out Chinese red envelopes containing a Chinese New Year postage stamp celebrating the Year of the Tiger. The evening finished by turning on our LED "fireworks" and picture taking, including our usual group shots. I put together a composite picture as a souvenir whenever we do a murder mystery. I like to do a murder mystery associated with a holiday celebration. Last year we did a Mardi Gras based party - it was fun too.
Yvonne A. - Ontario Canada
Monday, February 20, 2012
Great excuse to celebrate Chinese Neew Year! I liked the fact that the characters are quite different from other murder mysteries we have done.
Yvonne A. - Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
We had an awesome time playing chinese take-out murder mystery. We were all first-timers (host and guests), and all my guests surprised me with their enthusiasm. The dress ups were fun, the decorations were an ease (paper lanterns, special clues in red pockets) and the story-line''s quite interesting. we have some great pics! i thoroughly recommend it.
Mandy L. - melbourne, Australia
Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Ni hao! We had a great time with the Chinese Tea Party murder dinner! It was just coincidence that it happened at the kick off the Chinese New Year. Because of the Chinese New Year I was able to find a TON of decorations, props, etc. The game is a riot -- the names are hilarious, everyone has a motive and a possible weapon, and a sordid past (though not TOO nasty, good clean fun). My guests went over the top with their costumes which is half of the fun. We ordered Chinese take-out (a variety of items from which our guests could choose). And of course we had tea! Some characters play a larger role than others. I would recommend that you might give shyer guests parts like Chin Lo, Soo Yu, Chou Chou or Wan Ting. (We didn't even have a Chou Chou or Wan Ting.) Not every one follows along at the same pace, and we had fun every once in a while just stopping and playing "catch up" (does everyone get it so far?) This game would work well for young adults, too (we're all in our 40's) and I think it is even ok for teens. The props from the web site were good -- photos, newspaper, important forms and documents, etc.-- and add to the "reality". I did not email the invitations -- I snail-mailed them. Tao chie (thanks) for a fun game.
Tod M. - Indianapolis, Indiana
Thursday, February 11, 2010
The Chinese tea House Murder was amazing! The most fun part was getting the house ready with paper lanterns and anything Chinese that was around the house. Getting dressed up was almost as much fun as playing. Some of the clues were really funny because I had to change some parts to female, but I didn't want to look at the clues and change them. Some advice, if your going to have an all girls party, see which girls don't mind being guys and don't bother changing the characters to all girls. It added to the fun with some of my best friends falling in love with me. All in all, this game was very fun and I will most certainly do one again!
Alyssa A. - Allen, Texas
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
The planning and materials for this murder mystery made the event enjoyable and stress free. The website idea was effective in getting the information to our guests.
Mark H. - Chicago, IL
Wednesday, February 10, 2010
This is such a great idea. i love the game Clue so i hope this is just like it. good going!
Nina - Lizzii's house
Thursday, January 28, 2010
"A Chinese Teahouse" was a fun night out. I particularly liked the red-herrings which led us in all different directions and the funny character names, some of which got more and more amusing and tongue-tied as the night went on. Also, the "Confucius say..." philosophical comments fit the story perfectly. It really helped that everyone was into their characters and arrived in some really creative costumes.
Gudrun B. - France
Friday, January 15, 2010
We had a delightful evening playing "Chinese Tea House Take-Out". I liked the historical side to the game, which was most interesting, but it was also very entertaining. Lots of laughs, great props and clues pertaining to the different characters. Getting ready for the party was great fun. We had a good time at the local Asian market looking for costmes and accessories to match our characters. Everyone got into the spirit of the game, following the twists of the plot and all the guests enjoyed the originality of the occasion. One minor suggestion for future hosts: order Chinese take-out and have an open buffet so the host (or hostess) can relax and fully enjoy participating in the game Congratulations to the script-writer. Well done!
Judith G. - Biot, France
Friday, November 13, 2009