'Paddy O'Really is Dead'  Game Synopsis

6 or 8 guests

There was a storm brewing outside, but it was cozy and warm in O'Malley's pub and everyone was in good spirits. But just when musician Grace O'Malley was about to lead everyone in yet another rousing chorus of... Molly O'Really came stumbling in. But her father wasn't with her. He was last seen heading towards the Cliffs of Moher... Everyone will soon discover that Paddy O'Really is dead.

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A cozy Irish murder mystery set in a pub in Ireland. Includes scripted clues to bring out your best blarney. Great for St. Patrick's Day or a B&B stay.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

Paddy O’Really is dead. Oh, really? Yes, really… But the fun and laughter lives on! “Paddy O’Really is Dead” is a wonderfully written and conceived murder mystery by Nora Louise Syran. It has all the aspects expected in an intriguing and engaging mystery including interesting characters, plot twists, and shocking reveals. An endearing aspect of “Paddy O’Really is Dead” is its Irish bent. The rich culture of the Irish people provides a hearty context for the mystery and a colorful backdrop for the characters. This mystery is not only for hosts looking to create a unique St. Patrick’s Day event, but is also a vibrant and fun party anytime of the year for anyone who has an interest in or connection to Irish culture. The delightful mix of characters includes the priest, the golfer, the blacksmith, the local loony, the musician, the pub owner, the writer, the horsewoman, and the victim. The roles of the characters are well balanced throughout the rounds of the game and the depth of the characters becomes evident quickly as the game progresses. The rounds of the game, themselves, are skillfully created so that the clues are not revealed too quickly and solving the mystery remains challenging and entertaining until the end. In addition the rounds vary from one to the next in how they are constructed, which avoids unnecessary repetition. The author uses a variety of fun tools to move the mystery forward including telephone calls, a torn note, and a discovered letter. Overall, the rounds of the game are very well conceived and keep the partygoers on their toes. This murder mystery is suggested for a dinner party of 6 or 8 people. This reviewer hosted the 8-person version and was very pleased. The optional characters added to the enjoyment of the game. Overall, you cannot go wrong with “Paddy O’Really is Dead,” especially the 8-person version. This is a skillfully crafted, witty and thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery dinner party.
Russ C. - Lovettsville, VA
Thursday, March 22, 2012
Our guests and my husband and I really enjoyed this game. Had a lot of laughs. I had an Irish Music CD playing in the background and we served Irish beer (HARPS) which everyone liked. The characters in the game were fun to act out. I highly recommend this game! Kathy McFarland
Kathy - Rockaway, New Jersey
Monday, July 20, 2009