'Blueprints for Murder'  Game Synopsis

15+ (Cast of 7)

The REK Construction company party at Mario's famous Italian restaurant is in full swing, but construction manager, Richard de Brik, hasn't arrived yet. He's been detained: in six feet of concrete. Investigating Officer Pat O'Really interrupts the party with the news. It seems this isn't the first accident to have occurred on Mario the Mobster's construction site; the work has been cursed from the very start. Which clumsy construction worker was it this time? This time, it was fatal. But it was no accident. It seems someone had their hands on the perfect blueprints for murder.

Who bumped off the boss? Play a construction-themed murder mystery for the annual office party, fund-raising or team-building event.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

This was my first time ever doing anything like this, I had so much fun. The guest seems to have a lot of fun also. I had a group of about 30 and only 2 people guessed correctly. We had a snow storm the day of the party, so I had to replaced 3 characters at the last minute. The new cast fit right in, we all just read from the script, adlib where we found a good spot, and had no problems. Getting ready for the evening was a lot fun for me, the web site was a lot of help.
Cheryl R. - Colorado
Sunday, December 05, 2010
Our group had a tremendous time with Blueprints for Murder. We type cast all the people in the production. We used this as an evangelism outreach for adults in our community. After the Murder mystery our pastor gave a gospel message. I really liked how everything was accessible on line. Next time we will try to use the web based invitations more. The play it self was a lot of fun. We are definitely doing this again. We are planning on making it bigger and want to do it around Halloween time and once again use it as an evangelical outreach. I would recommend this to anyone who was looking for a unique way to have an adult fellowship or even one for teens.
Lynn S.
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Blueprints for Murder was a great play for our annual un-Christmas dinner party and it was a hugh success. Everyone had a terrific time! Scene three got a little long, but the cast started adlibbing more and that helped keep the audience's attention. We had so much fun that we are thinking of doing another mystery next year for Christmas!
Peggy, E. - Cincinnati, OH
Friday, January 08, 2010
I thought the game was very entertaining. Everyone seemed to enjoy the skit and they jumped right in to the discussions during the breaks between scenes to formulate their opinions on "who-dunit". No one team guessed the complete answer, although two teams got one half of the answer (both teams guessed the same half).
William G. - Kansas City, MO
Thursday, September 17, 2009