'The Nifty Fifties'  Game Synopsis

15+ (Cast of 6-8)

It's Peggy Sue's birthday. She's turning sweet sixteen. She and her steady Johnathon E. Good have a date at the diner to celebrate. But things turn sour when Peggy and John E. discover someone's stolen his father’s brand new Shavy El Domino. Will their paranoid Etiquette teacher Miss Molly and the other not so nifty 50's misfits help him recover it before his father finds out? Or will John E. “The Bee” Good learn a lesson he’ll never forget? This is a NON-MURDER mystery.

A 1950s non-murder mystery set in a diner. A fully scripted mystery, complete with guest star appearances, 50s trivia, dance and music suggestions. Perfect for a large group birthday party.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

We held a fundraiser that included dinner and the "show". The cast was comprised of Job''s Daughters and DeMolay that worked for about 3 months learning their parts and working on the sets etc. We hosted it two nights and raised about $2000. It was a great "mystery" and the actors did an amazing job and the audience LOVED it! We served a course between scenes and before the reveal we allowed the audience to talk to the characters. The characters had to stay in character (so Miss Molly was VERY stern with the audience espeically if they slumped in their chair or didn''t use the correct fork :-)) The audience had a chance to question them, then they voted for who they thought did it. Then at the end after the reveal we gave a prize to the winnder. We had a costume contest and a winner for the person who guessed the answers to the quiz. the DUCK AND COVER scene was the HIT of the show!!! We played music during the appropriate times as written in the script and even ad libbed The soundtrack to Perry Mason during that time in the script as well. IT was well written and we had an amazing time!!! I am looking to buy another one for an upcoming fund raiser in March! A St. Patty''s day theme... OH THIS worked perfectly for this Masonic Youth Group because it wasn''t a murder-but something was stolen and it had a moral!! LOVED IT!!!
International O. - Virginia Beach, VA
Monday, August 01, 2011
The play was fine, but the acoustics in the building were terrible. The actors did not take into account this fact and it was difficult to hear. It was a cute play with an interesting end.
Girl S. - Benton, AR
Sunday, April 25, 2010
The plot was very cute and my daughter and I liked it.
Melandie - Benton, Arkansas
Saturday, April 24, 2010
We used The Nifty Fifties for a Girk Scout Mother/Daughter Mystery Dinner Theater. It was awesome! The script was rated "E" for everyone, but was a little over the heads of the younger Brownies. They still enjoyed the play even if they didn't understand all of it. "Duck & Cover" haas a HUGE SUCCESS! The cast laughed, the guests laughed and squealed, and Maybelle was a riot! Most of our actors were teenagers and we didn't require them to memorize scripts (just carry them on stage). IT still worked well. Everone dressed in costume -even the guests! We had almost 150 people show up! In keeping with the diner theme, we served burgers, fries, onion rings, and root beer floats for dessert. The local vintage car club provided a car to park out in front of the venue. We would definatley be interested in doing another Dinner Theater with this company! None of the adults in charge had ever been to a Mystery Theater much less hosted one. the materials provided were clear, concise and step by step. Even when to serve the food and what music play! It couldn't have been easier! I haven't looked at all of the titles yet, but if the rest are as well planned out as this one they must be great!
Janna W. - Benton, Arkansas
Saturday, April 24, 2010
This was very successful. Over 45 teens attended. We also had several parents and no one minded the different ages being there. The trivia contest was a big hit. We were able to get a vintage car, but he left due to the weather. We had food donated from a local 50s diner serving chips, pecan pie, and bottled sodas. We had a great setting: two card tables with oilcloth (heavy plastic) cloths over, menus, napkin holders, and catsup/mustard bottles. It looked so great. Our teen cast did an excellent job. I would recommend this party site to anyone.
Lindsey D.
Saturday, August 01, 2009
Just wanted to let you the great success we had with our mystery dinner. The group of teens, some 80, loved the play, really got into the cast, which were their peers, and had a great time. We were able to obtain a like car to have in front of the building, and we tranformed a huge room, into Mel's Diner, complete with numerous props. Thanks so much for the script that was easy to follow, and the youth had a great time performing it. Thanks also for the easy directions to make it successful, and the ability to make it more or less depending on our time, etc., which had no bearing on the outcome of the mystery. The group particularly liked the other activities for the event, including the shelter drill. I can't say enough good words about the play, the script, and how it all worked so well for us. I would use your company again without any hesitation.
Karyn P.
Friday, March 27, 2009