'Vanishing Act'  Game Synopsis

8 guests + 1 adult

Teen performance magicians converge to compete, but when the trophy can't be found before the contest begins, who made it do the disappearing act? Ask and gather the clues from the others and find out who decided to pull this unwelcome magic act. Note that each guest is expected to learn a simple magic trick of their choice to perform at the party. Includes two optional characters (and an optional second host) for which you can create your own clues to help customize your gaming experience!

Modern day mystery for teens set against a backdrop of magic performers. Recommended for teens with an interest in magic or strong interest in stage performance as this requires learning a magic routine in addition to just dressing up for the role. Includes two optional characters (and an optional second host) for which you can create your own clues to help customize your gaming experience!

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  • Host Instructions
  • Guest Instructions
  • Character Descriptions
  • Character Motives
  • Game Clues
  • Print-able Invitations
  • Email-able Invitations
  • Invitation Tracking
  • Name Tags
  • Pre-Game Clues
  • Suggested Recipes
  • Tips from Other Hosts
  • Bulk Emailing Tools
  • Scripts (Large Group Games Only)
  • Cast Materials (Large Group Games Only)

Team-Building Features (Available only in Team Building version)

  • Facilitator's Instructions
  • Team Assignments Tools
  • Team Building Activities
  • Table Tents
  • Team Building Tips and Suggestions
  • Questionnaires and Team Review Tools
  • Awards

Murder Mystery Reviews

We held this Mystery Play for my son's 12th birthday and invited 7 friends. Everyone had a great time and the boys loved performing their magic tricks. Some boys needed a little help with working out their parts and what to say, but they still seemed to enjoy themselves. It certainly made for a memorable party and kept the boys entertained for a good few hours. (Including food and treasure hunt for the Trophy)
Matt W. - UK
Tuesday, February 02, 2016
I had this for my daughters 14th party and it was so much fun. The girls all had a great time and i would recommend it to anyone!
... - Australia
Friday, July 09, 2010
We played this game for my son's 11th birthday... The guests had a great time dressing up, doing the magic tricks and following the clues. You need a few adults because at this age kids find it hard to translate clues from the paper into what they need to say and we had a few time when clues weren't revealed. When clues aren't revealed the evening stops (for a while anyway). My son and his friends had a great time. If you plan to do this one check out my host suggestions it will make it much easier for you to do.
Rangi C. - waikerie, south australia
Wednesday, July 09, 2008
This site is excellent. I had such a fun time with this game. Almost everyone suspected one guest, and the person who did it suspected herself before she knew. Awesome fun! The author of this mystery deserves kudos! Thanks!
Katy M. - Halstead, Kansas
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
The party was really fun and everyone had a great time. Looking PAst Appearances was a neat theme, the magic tricks were fun and the scavenger hunt included in the mystery was a great activity within the story. We needed more clues or clearer clues to the thief. Overall it was a great party for our age group of 12 years old.
Tuesday, May 23, 2006