'The Rhyme Crime'  Game Synopsis

6-8 Guests (including host)

In a land not too far away (maybe even closer that you think), a group of somewhat familiar characters gather to solve a mystery. The leader of the group, Jack Hill, noted mountain climber and carrier of pails has been murdered...drowned in a pail of water. Pinned to his body is a frightening note. His friends include Beau (the girl who loves her pet sheep), Scarlett (who wears a red hood and brings snacks in a basket), Cindy (who must be home by 12:00), Jill (his pail carrying companion), Miss Muffy Moffett (who loves cottage cheese), Ryan Arachnid (spider specialist) Thomas Wolfe, (the newcomer) and John Horner (the shy pie-lover).

Jack, the famous hill climber and pail carrier has been drowned in a pail of water. Sometimes 'once upon a time' does not end 'happily ever after'. A fun party suited to everyone from 12 up to 102!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

I loved it! I hosted a 12year old birthday party and it was so cool. The kids arrived in a limo and then they started at the bottom of the hill at mr road and then they walked up it to my house.Thank god for internet!
India C. - Austria
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
I was convinced by previous reviews that guessing the murderer would be challenging. The kids were disappointed when the murderer was revealed-they thought it was far too obvious. They were 12 years old. We had a blast though-my son wants to make having a murder mystery party an annual event! All of the guests raved that this was "the best party ever!"
Jackson C. - Fullerton, CA
Wednesday, April 14, 2010
This game was perfect for kids turning 12! If you have 3 kids that really get into it, the others will follow. We did it 1 1/2 months before Halloween and I think that helped. We were surprised how much they put into the costumes and how much they talked about it in school beforehand as I was nervous they might think it was dorky. Once they heard "murder" mystery they were intrigued. We had all girls then had a sleepover in a tent in the yard afterwards. All night they called each other the actual names and continued on with the plot line. Wouldn't recommend the sleepover though....they went to bed at 4am!
Dara A. - Brookfield, CT
Friday, October 16, 2009
This Game was great. We played it for a teen night we hosted. The ages were 13-16 a mix of both boys and girls, and only one person solved it. We added a few Characters, Govener and Mother Goose, and The Fairy Tale Police. Creating custome clues for them was so simple. I loved it!!
Esther V. - Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, September 24, 2009
The guests at my son's party ranged from 47-8 years of age. All of us were able to play a role in the mystery and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. As a high school English teacher, I found the experience to be one that challenged the kids as critical and creative thinkers. I believe that this was perhaps the most rewarding and cost effective party we have had. The costumes we rented at DECADES Clothing and Costumes here in Sacramento (www.decadescostumes.com) allowed all of us to truly enjoy becoming the characters we were assigned.
Kenny K. - Sacramento, CA
Sunday, July 26, 2009
What fun! This was our first murder mystery and we selected it for my daughter's 14th birthday... All the guests came in costume and stayed in character which was a big part of the game and can't be stressed enough. They laughed so hard when new pieces of informaton were exposed showing the twists and turns. They also thought it was fun that they could be the murderer and didn't even know it. In the end, only one person guessed correctly, which to me says it is a well written game. We did give prizes for the winner, best costume, and best actress. My son can't wait for his birthday party now because he wants to have a murder mystery as well.
Kayla K.
Wednesday, May 20, 2009
This was a great party. Since I was the one that printed out and sorted out all the clues for the guests (it seemed like it might be obvious who was the murderer)........it sure wasn't. Only 2 guests guessed correctly, and the ones that picked other people as the murderer had valid reasons for them. It was a fun party for a group of 15 year olds!
Monday, March 23, 2009