'That '70s Murder'  Game Synopsis

8- 14 Characters (including host)

It's time to put on that leisure suit, bellbottoms, platform shoes and grab your mood ring as you and your guests solve "That '70s Murder". Big-time record producer 'Rockin' Roland has been found dead during his party in his hip Malibu beach house. Your guests will have fun answering '70s trivia questions, dancing to '70s music as well as trying to solve "That '70's Murder". Can you dig it? Far out!!

It's the coolest party of the decade with dancing, good times, a trivia challenge...and a murder!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

I think the game overall is great. We enjoyed the role playing, acting and interactions with each characters. My friends and I dressed up and we laughed a lot throughout the whole game which is good. However, since we are do not have enough people to fill up the rest of the "side characters". It's funny that sometimes we talked to the air or reveal the clue without a real person exists. Besides, the fingerprint anaylzer was fun and interesting but we can't figure out how to read it properly. It needs more explanation perhaps. Finally, almost all of us could not guess more than half of the trivia questions. Maybe we need to study well before the game lol! :) Finally, would like to say it's fun and keep it up. We will definitely play another game again.
Sam L. - Hong Kong
Monday, January 27, 2014
I didn''t expect to have fun at this party since I was not alive during this time frame. But it turned out to be great fun and once you jump into character, it doesn''t matter how old or young you are.
Honey H. - Las Vegas Nevada
Friday, July 20, 2012
What a fabulous party. Haven''t had that much fun since the seventies. Thanks
sunny p. - Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
The prep for the party took several months, mainly because this was an anniversaray/murder mystery party merged together. But man it was a blast. All the guests really had a great time. The Dance contest was fantastic and ended up in a dance off as two couples were fabulous. Prizes were awarded which added to the fun. The only suggestion I have for future hosts is to have someone responsible for nothing but pictures. We had a video camera set up on a tripod on wide angle in a corner and there was a lot of wasted tape because no one was following guests around. We were really really creative with the props. It definitely was a great setting for this kind of party. Our living room took you back through a time tunnel straight to the seventies. Make sure all your guests RSVP before you assign characters, so you can be sure you will have all your key characters at the party. To assure a night filled with laughter assign at least one character to cross dress. Finger foods are a great idea. Intermingling for the guests is so much easier. Let the party flow cause it will. Try not to rush it. This was our first one and we did rush it a little. As long as your guests come in character (even the shyest people) can''t help but participate, and your party will be a huge success.
Jennifer H. - Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
Absolutely fabulous! Really enjoyed, have never done a murder mystery before and the storyline was great and the clues really helped everyone get into character. Diolch yn fawr! Tracy''s Hen Night Crew xxx
Fiona B. - Wales, UK
Wednesday, June 06, 2012
Best party we''ve ever had, however, the murder mystery was confusing to everyone participating. A more detailed script of what the characters were to do would have been helpful. Each character could have had more details and clues. None of the other guests/character knew what to ask the characters. I think a list of investigator questions should be supplied to the guests and each character should know how to answer the questions to make it more fun.
Jaime K. - Fort Myers, FL
Friday, February 03, 2012
I hosted this party for my daughter''s 13th birthday. All the girls dressed in character & had a blast. No one figured out who the culprit was. I changed the trivia questions to relate to things they would understand (trying to keep it in the 70''s era & keeping the answer the same). I had theme food (i.e. fondues,candy etc.) & had our basement decorated like a disco. I also several rooms in our house set up as the office, the main character''s bedroom, the dining area with clues all around. I sent out the first clue and a notebook, mood ring & pencil to all the girls a week before. I think it helps to have them understand the game a little before they came. I took about 2 1/2 hours to play. A lot of fun to get into the the party & characters! Will definately host another party.
Susan . - Omaha, NE
Monday, January 02, 2012
I used the 70''s Murder Mystery as my daughter''s surprise 16th birthday party. We had her costume ready to go in her bedroom. My nieces kept her out after school until time to come. Her friends for the most part came dressed in homemade costumes. They weren''t too excited about the disco dance off, but when I played Y.M.C.A. everyone started moving! The trivia was too hard for them and it was a clue, BUT, I read the answers to them in round 3 as instructed. That gave them the opportunity to see the clue in the game. They missed it. I showed it to them when we were done. "Ohhh" was the reaction! Very fun. My daughter was soo surprised. I hope to do a murder mystery party again. Not bad for the 1st try! I think I can do it better next time!
DIANN M. - Yukon, Ok
Tuesday, May 31, 2011
We did this game for my daughter''s 14th birthday party. There were 8 girls total and they had so much fun! There were a few of the optional characters that I needed to read to them so they fit into the story, but overall, the optional characters weren''t missed. The girls played right into their clues and the part of the story where two girls got into a fight was played out to perfection. My advice is #1 have someone to set up the party that will not be playing. And #2 that person should read every single clue and pick characters carefully. It made it so much fun to have the more outspoken guests play the obnoxious characters and that left the more subtle characters to the shyer guests. None of the the girls guessed who the killer really was and they thought that was hysterical. Great fun!
Maya G. - Illinois
Wednesday, May 04, 2011
We had a great night! Played with 5 couples. Everyone came dressed up and read their descriptions and even brought their character appropriate props. We chose not to do the first activity (dance contest) but did enjoy the 70''s trivia activity. The clues were fun and a couple of the female characters really got into a fight over a guy!! We had wine at the beginning, read #1 clues, then went to dinner. After dinner did trivia and #2 clues and then had chocolate fondue. After dessert, followed with wine, guesses and then reading of #3. It took about 2.5 hours. But we took a while talking about other things as well. I would recommend this game. Of course you get what you put into it. It would be boring if everyone didn''t get really into it with costumes and all. The only negative was when clues involved characters that we did not cast.
Amy W. - Kennewick WA
Saturday, March 12, 2011