'The King is Dead: A Night in Sin City'  Game Synopsis

6 - 8 Guests

The Grand Cinema Hotel in Las Vegas is holding a special night for high rollers. Everyone has sauntered through the casino and into the theatre for a swanky show. The music starts, a spotlight comes on, and the curtain rises. The hotel's very own Elvis stands, mic in hand ready to perform when a shot echoes through the dark hall. Elvis falls. It takes a moment for the crowd to realize this isn't part of the act, but when they finally do they know they've all become suspects.

A standard format murder mystery based in present day Las Vegas.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

Our group had really good time with this mystery. It was a surprise birthday party for my husband who does a tribute to Elvis show and we really did surprise him.
Debbie S. - St. Pete Beach, Fl,
Friday, April 30, 2010
We had a blast with this game! We had to create 4 more characters to accomodate everybody, but nobody knew that, and nobody could tell that they weren't supposed to be there! I had intended for the game to coincide with regular birthday festivites, but everybody was much more interested in playing the game - which was also fine, I'm glad they had fun. I am hoping to host another party with my family next year at the beach... Thanks for everything!
Allison O. - Williamsburg, VA
Saturday, September 05, 2009
We used this for a New Year's Eve Party. I rented two slot machines, made lasagna and added some characters; a former FBI agent turned compulsive gambler named Louis Lafayette who conducts the investigation; a cocktail waitress named Roxie June who had a fling with Tony Capezio; and a bag lady slot player named Idabelle Snuts who was, well a little nuts. I also had two dancers instead of one - your Fannie Mae and her sister Annie Mae. Everyone said it was one of the best parties ever!
Deborah D. - FORT WORTH, TX
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Very fun to play. Don't try to plan this party last minute if at all possible if you've never done a murder mystery party, but all in all really good game. Still mad that I didn't guess the murderer.
Brian - Colorado
Thursday, October 30, 2008
The party was awesome. It took about 6 weeks planning with the props, menu and costumes. I played Elvis (a female Elvis)and We made up 2 characters we named "Gig Allough" (sleezy Lounge Lizard) and "Bibi LaSalle" (faded older show girl). The characters we made up had no idea that they were not suspects... All came in costume and it was a great 3 hours of fun. We served drinks and finger foods. In the last mailing , I also sent "coupons" for the casino bar, good for one FREE drink. Suggestions: maybe send out some extra clues before hand and also take lots of pictures! GREAT FUN!!!!!
Kathy R. - Illinois
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
First off, thanks for a great night! We really enjoyed "The King is Dead: A Night in Sin City." I have played quite a few Murder parties before and was this was one of the best. The website is a cool modern addition to the pre-party activities... Hopefully we will get a chance to host another party using your site again in the near future. Thanks!
Reed a.
Tuesday, January 08, 2008
The site was well planned, and the game was fun too. We finished it pretty quickly, but perhaps that's because there were only 7 of us.... I would definitely do another Murder Mystery Party, and your site is the best way to do it!
Hogan L.
Wednesday, December 05, 2007
This game was fun.. we had a blast, the characters were really funny. My only critizim is I think that there should be more direction/suggestions in the directions for each round. .. ie... we were a little confused during the 3rd round, it should say that the parts need to be acted out. But that was minor, it was a great time, I would definatly do that again!
Reyna V. - Long Beach, Ca
Saturday, August 11, 2007
The party was a blast. Everyone did a great job on their charecter. We will definitely do it again. Thanks to you for the memories.
Richard a.
Friday, November 03, 2006