'A Murder in Provence'  Game Synopsis

9 - 12 guests

Pierre Deluge returned home to find he was not at all welcome. Perhaps someone, the Butcher? the Baker? the Barman? should have warned him he had reached a 'dead end,' because he is dead, very dead. There's more to this quaint Provençal village than the sweet scent of lavender. The place reeks of intrigue.

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A modern day murder mystery party for 9-12 guests set in the French countryside.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

The game was an absolute blast. Our guests came in character and everyone came with the best attitude. We played three rounds before dinner, then ate, then played the rest of the game. All-in-all, the night last 3.5 hours. We went to sleep knowing that it was a great night. My husband and I have now committed to hosting a murder mystery two times a year.
Sandra L. - My Home - A Murder in Provence
Thursday, April 12, 2012
We had thirteen people and took the advice of a comment on your site and made the food buffet style. The setting was in my house on my lavender farm, so it was already rather "French." I created an additional character (Sophie Depardieu) who was a maid and I played her. That way I was able to focus on greeting guests and fulfilling their needs while I did the final touches on the food and put it out. I loved it! I could keep track of the party without having to be distracted from playing a part. Because I speak French it was fun to pretend to have limited English speaking skills. The guests dressed up and took to their parts completely! It was advantageous to have the parts well described with descriptions of what they should and should not reveal. They were able to ad lib to their hearts' content. To a person they had a great time and can't wait to do one again next year. (It was a fund-raising event.)
Sarah R. - Whidbey Island, WA
Friday, February 26, 2010
Wow, we had a great time! Everyone came in some very creative costumes following the suggestions for their character. We served a 5 course Provencal meal and wonderfully paired wines. My husband played Inspector Flic and I created a character for myself, 'Madame Marot proprietress of the Cafe Provence' as I did most of the cooking and table waiting. The script and directions were fabulous. Everyone attending said they would do it again!
Mike a. - Camas, WA
Saturday, August 22, 2009
I hosted the "A Murder in Provence" for my husband's birthday. I have attended and hosted murder mystery parties before, but never from Host-Party.Com. I was pleasantly pleased. I enjoyed the ease of the web-based product, as well as, the particular game I chose. "A Murder in Provence" was my largest party at 12 people. This particular game was good for the large group, most who have never done a mystery before, because there were only 4 rounds. I did a buffet and wine bar. It was perfect; my guests were able to refill glasses and plates, as well as, socialize out of character, between rounds. I think after this party, there are some new fans of murder mystery parties. I have suggested they all visit Host-Party.com for other game ideas.
Beverly - Naples, Florida
Friday, July 31, 2009
I hosted A Murder in Provence which was a huge success. It was the first murder mystery I ever done, but the instruction on the website were fantastic. I even added two additional characters: a rich, sexy socialite from Paris who had an affair with Pierre before he returned to Bourdigon, as well as the caretaker at Pierre's chateau. Initially I thought that people would be very interested in solving the mystery, so I also provided notebooks and pens, with summaries of all characters, etc. However, it turned out that everyone were so into their characters and enjoyed playing the parts and improvising and accusing each other left, right and center. So in the end, 2 people guessed correctly, but that was not the point of it all: we had FUN!
Marisa B.
Friday, June 19, 2009
Our dinner group of 12 played this game and loved it. The charactors in the game were a perfect match for our group and it was easy and fun to "get into character". We laughed our way through a delightful evening as we played this clever well written game. The characters are so fun! The props were wonderful--we especially enjoyed the computer analysis. It added so much to the game. As host, I played the inspector which was perfect. WE LOVED PLAYING A MURDER IN PROVENCE and we hope to play more games like this one in the future. It has TOP ratings with us! EXCELLENT PLUS!
Jean M. - Northern California
Friday, April 10, 2009
Great fun and a clever mystery!
Glenda M. - Alpes Maritimes, France
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Grab your beret and a baguette. You're on for a ride. Such an authentic atmosphere you can almost smell the lavender and hear the cicadas.
Sunday, August 24, 2008