'Death by Design'  Game Synopsis

10 Guests

A party is being held to celebrate the end of the final day's filming of the latest episode of Changing Homes and Gardens. The party is being hosted by the Old Kent Television Company following the weekend makeover of Mr and Mrs Tipp's house by the C.H.A.G. team. The guest of honour will be the star of the T.V. show, interior designer Matt Finish. Everyone will be familiar with Matt's long flowing hair and flamboyant style, which have become his trademarks. (NOW WITH AN MP3 AUDIO INTRODUCTION)

A modern day murder mystery for 10 people set in the world of TV home makeover shows. (NOW WITH AN MP3 INTRODUCTION)

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Murder Mystery Reviews

A very simple, straightforward game which involved little deduction, no intriguing alibis - ideal for beginners and the geriatric, but we had a great time. A sunny evening, excellent buffet and 14 players mostly well-used to ad-libbing all contributed! The props were easy: we drew an outline of the ''body'' on the ground and borrowed cones and tape, with a genuine bloodstained dibber. The balloons were labelled CHAG.
jan s. - West Yorkshire, UK
Saturday, August 27, 2011
We had great evening that was incredibly well organised by our hosts (this was important!). The names for the charcters were really good... It was great to have each session numbered and we all loved the letters. Altogether it was really good fun and we liked the twists and turns in the plot making it plausible that anyone could've done Matt Finish 'in'. Our hosts had arrange 'phone calls and had a 'body' on the patio outside as well as fantastic food and wine. BRILLIANT!
Janet R. - London,England
Tuesday, February 19, 2008