'Murder on the High Seas'  Game Synopsis

10 Guests

It is October 29, 1929. The luxury cruise liner H.M.S Flapper is only a day or so out from its destination of New York after the journey from England. On board is a rare collection of the times rich, famous and perhaps infamous. On the last evening of the cruise the Captain has gathered some of the most interesting and eccentric guests together for a special banquet at his table in the Dining Room. But as the guests finish cocktails and begin to take their seats, the Purser has a terrible announcement to make. Earlier that afternoon the body of the Captain was found floating face down in the enclosed pool on the leisure deck. Purser Roger Seemein has been investigating all afternoon, now he wants to hear what the other guests have to say…

1920's murder mystery set on a luxury cruise liner. It has a cast of eccentric, wealthy individuals...almost all of whom have something to hide!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

I had 14 people come to the party. (I made the four extra people "detectives" and they each got one of the general clues to reveal.) There were only two of us who had ever been to a murder mystery party before, but EVERYONE got really into it. I've played scripted parties before, but the fact that it wasn't scripted made it so much fun to play! The murder is quirky, but not impossible to solve. (One person in our group guessed the right murderer and how.) I would highly suggest this one!
Ellen L. - New Jersey
Tuesday, October 02, 2012
We had 54 people attend ... and all had a blast. Using Host-Party tools I "borrowed" 48 other characters from other Host-Party games... I did have to ''adapt'' their character in some cases to ''fit'' the theme, but it worked great. We had 5 people guess correctly the murderer. 3 of those 5 had the method and motive mostly correct. It was an amazing night. Cheers, Marilin
Marilin G. - Bonners Ferry, ID
Sunday, October 23, 2011
This was an exceptional event ! This was well-written by Host-Party.com, easy to access and add characters (the more people found out about it, the more wanted to come)..and easy to email invitations and character information, so guests could put their attire in order. I added in the invitations that this was "the Captain''s Formal Christmas Dinner" to set the dress code (even tho'' it was 1920''s) ~ and to allow for this to be our "Christmas Party" and add those elements to the decorations. All in all it was a wonderful evening, and more than one year later people are STILL talking about it! Now I''ve been asked to help a friend in a neighboring community to assist her in putting together this party, and the Host-Party.com staff have been exceptional in their assistance to bring this ''murder'' back to "life"!!!
Creston R. - Creston, BC, Canada
Friday, February 18, 2011
I was exceptionally pleased with The Murder on the High Seas (as were all the guests), and the way your website worked once I got it figured out. In the process of working with the number of people who would be in attendance, I added a number of characters from your other mysteries. I have recommended your site to a number of people who attended and wanted to do some smaller parties on their own. Great work!
Marilin S. - USA
Friday, February 04, 2011
We hosted our first Murder Mystery on Christmas Day and it was a big hit with everyone. My family got into their parts more that I imagined they ever would! It was the most fun we had on Christmas Day in years.
Larry H. - Minneapolis, MN
Sunday, January 03, 2010
What a hoot of storyline and I really enjoyed the characters. The Titanic-esque dimensions of the story gave me a cheeky chuckle or two. Get a little squiffy on champagne for this one and you'll have a great night in.
Ted S.
Sunday, October 18, 2009
I am in sixth grade and all of my friends had a blast. It was sooooooooo much fun. I truly reccomend it!!!
Trinity S. - Paso Robles, ca
Wednesday, May 07, 2008
This was our first murder, so my husband read all the clues so that he could nudge the game along where necessary. This was good. We had a great time because our guests really got into their parts and came more dressed up than I expected. The twist at the end was a little odd. When it came to guessing "who did it" no one did. I don't think the clues eluded to it at all and actually had storylines going in every direction for all the other characters. We would definitely play again. We were fortunate because we invited fun and willing participants to act and have a good time!
Natalie F. - California
Thursday, December 13, 2007
The entire evening was fun...from round 1 (appetizers) to Round 4 (dessert). The characters came alive from the wacky interpretations by my guests! It was a grand way to celebrate my 50th! No one was able to figure out the real murderer.
Debbie B. - MI
Friday, November 02, 2007
This was truly a fun party and I suggest that anyone that decides to host a party to not hold back, dress appropriately for your character and serve great food and drinks.
Scarlett N. - Oak Island, NC
Wednesday, October 17, 2007