'Death of a Teen Idol'  Game Synopsis

6 - 8 guests

Everyone loves Melissa Martin. And why not? She's the most popular teen pop-star singing sensation with 2 hit CDs and she just finished starring in her first movie! She's got everything a girl could wish for and she's surrounded by friends. Yesterday Melissa sent a note to her closest friends telling them to meet her tonight at her family's Malibu hide-away. But when one of her friends arrived this morning for a scheduled meeting she discovered Melissa's body lying on her bedroom floor...dead. She has gathered together everyone who received Melissa's note in order to solve the mystery. Obviously, Melissa wasn't loved by everyone after all.

Melissa Martin (half of the famous Martin twins) has been murdered. Set in Malibu, this is a great game for teenage (or almost teenage) girls at a birthday party or sleepover.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

I got Death of a Teen Idol for 15 college students home from school for the summer. The game had everyone hooked and lasted for hours. I loved how easy it was to throw together a fantastic theme party that entertained all involved! I would highly recommend and look forward to my next mystery party!
Katie B. - Vail, CO
Friday, July 21, 2017
Great game. It was a surprise party for my daughters 13th bday. It included 10 girls, we made up 2 characters. Each girl had a mug shot taken and that was hung on the wall by her character. Each received a notebook and pen which was helpful to keep track of info during the game. Large sheets of paper had each characters name on it in the order that the clue was to be given out. The sheet was set in front of the group during the round that they were in. This helped keep the game moving and it helped keep order. A crime scene was set-up which added to the atmosphere. The game took 3 1/2 hours and that included gift opening and short breaks in between rounds. The girls had fun and really got into the characters as the evening progressed. One person got bored but aside from that, the rest had fun and so did I.
Barbara - Milwaukie, Oreon
Thursday, May 24, 2012
this is a great mystery i''d recommend to anyone! me and my friends had so much fun doing this!
Thursday, March 15, 2012
We had this for my daughter''s 12th birthday party. She said it was her best party ever. She had 9 girls in attendance so we had to ''borrow'' a couple characters from a different mystery but the site may that relatively easy to do. My husband played Detective Dimwitty and so was able to guide the party and questions along (we had him take mugshots of each girl as well). The girls had a blast and Melanie is already planning another mystery party for her 13th birthday. Joyce Brucker
Melanie B. - St. Louis, MO
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
The game was so fun, everyone enjoyed it. my friends were so excited to play and didn''t want to stop. Then at the end no one guessed the right person, our theories were different and some weren''t even close, but we just laughed it off.
Laura C. - Waterdown, Ontario
Monday, September 05, 2011
I think that overall the party the party went well. Everyone seemed to have a good time and there was no fighting at all. They got it well and they were from 9-11 and we had 6 people and we finished in 2 hours.
Ellen W. - Lancaster, PA
Monday, August 29, 2011
It was our first mistery party and I was not sure that the girls would really get into it. This type of party is not known in Spain but I must say that the girls loved it and they want more.Being all Spanish girls I had to translate all the clues and also I had to add a few characters( I created a spoiled rich boyfriend, an ambitious dancer, a jealous friend and another choir singer). I followed the suggestions of other reviewers and had a couple of police officers and also the crime scene with the taped outline on the floor). I had lots of fun organizing this and we will certainly have another one for my oungest daughter, this time probably a spooky one around Halloween.
silvia m. - Spain, Europe
Tuesday, June 28, 2011
I loved this game!!! I did this for my 13th b-day. We wore prom dresses and we got hollywood decorations and we walked the red carpet. It was so fun. I was actually the murder, and I didn''t even know it!!!
mom - salem utah
Sunday, April 17, 2011
This murder mystery game is packed with hours of fun, and wild twists. everyone loved it!!!! Even the Moms got into it. :-)
Jennifer B. - berea, KY
Tuesday, March 15, 2011
The game was a blast. The murder we chose was Death of a Teen Idol. The girls got into character and remained in character. We had a detective and his assistant. We Took mug shots and had a realistic crime scene. The detective was so convincing the girls thought he was an actual detective. It was neat to host a party that was different than any the girls had ever been to. They loved it!
Jennifer B. - Berea, KY
Tuesday, March 15, 2011