'Death of a Pirate (Teen)'  Game Synopsis

8, 9 or 10 Guests

A swashbuckling murder mystery set in the Admiral Longbow Tavern in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1674. A time of pirates, buccaneers, privateers and gentlemen of fortune. Join the party to see Blake Beard auction off his treasure map as he retires from being the scourge of the seven seas.

Blake Beard, the famous pirate of all, has decided to be hangin' up his cutlass. He be gettin' a bit old for all of this pillagin' and lootin'. He be givin' all the scurvy sea dogs and land lubbers a chance to be buyin' his treasure map and to be makin' their fortune.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

I ran this game for teens as a public library program. The library provided costumes, props, and had local pirate-enthusiast dressed to the hilt to explain a historical background to game. The kids had a blast. It was one of the most well attended programs this summer! However, some of the content and innuendoes may be inappropriate to sensitive or younger teens. Thanks to Host-Party.com!!
Jonathan - Illinois
Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Awesome game! We used it as a team building activity with the girls swim team. It was a lot of fun and everyone got really involved. We will certainly do another one and the site is so easy to use!
dory - , San Jose, CA
Friday, May 27, 2011
I planned a surprise party for my daughter's 14th birthday. All of her friends were happy to help. She is into pirates, so I thought the Death of a Pirtae would be a great activity. I went all out with decorations, food and costumes for everyone, but I know they would have had just as good of a time if I didn't. The mystery went great, they all incorporated their own personalities and lives into the characters. The party was at the end of May, (it took me this long to get to a review!) and it is now end of August. The girls still thank me for the best party they ever had. It was well worth the time, effort and money I put into this. I tell everyone about it!
Leslie H. - Ashburn, VA
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
This party was great! My daughter's friends (age 12) all really got into it. Everyone dressed up and had a wonderful time adlibing on their characters! They even enjoyed singing "Shanty" songs! They are calling it the best birthday party yet!!! It really was a fun party! We will definately to this again!
Amanda B. - Phoenix, AZ
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
This game was so much fun!!!!!!!! I recomend it for anybody who wants to have a cool fun party. It was really awesome!!!
Katie - Pheonix, Arizona
Tuesday, December 16, 2008