'Death of a Pirate'  Game Synopsis

8, 9 or 10 Guests

A swashbuckling murder mystery set in the Admiral Longbow Tavern in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1674. A time of pirates, buccaneers, privateers and gentlemen of fortune. Join the party to see Blake Beard auction off his treasure map as he retires from being the scourge of the seven seas.

Blake Beard, the famous pirate of all, has decided to be hangin' up his cutlass. He be gettin' a bit old for all of this pillagin' and lootin'. He be givin' all the scurvy sea dogs and land lubbers a chance to be buyin' his treasure map and to be makin' their fortune.

Also available in: Teen Version

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Murder Mystery Reviews

This was a Grand Slam. My 4 murder mystery and counting . . . Word is out and co-workers of my friends are wanting to be invited to next years event! As soon as Death of a Pirate wrapped up 05/22/2010, everyone wanted to know next year''s theme!!!!! Warmed the "crew" up with trivia questions about pirates and they received "booty bags" if answered correctly-pirate gear of course. . . Came up with "fried parrot"/chicken; "cursed Aztec gold"/chipotle mac-n-cheese; BBQ Kracken/brisket and assorted Hardtack/chips & crackers. Had a Rat holding the napkins down . . . OTC had pirate skeleton goblets that everyone went crazy over!! To date, best party I''ve done. Each year, they keep getting better-Thanks.
Rhonda B. - Brenham, Tx
Thursday, May 24, 2012
We had so much fun planning, executing and playing the game
Joanne M. - USA
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
My friends and I thought this was an awesome game. I read the other comments that mentioned the game is too long. I disagree. We completed the game, dinner and everything in three hours.
Tina W. - Farmington, Missouri
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
The game was fun! It gave us a reason to dress like wenchs and pirates and talk the talk.
Ann - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Saturday, November 14, 2009
We just loved the game! Had a great time too. This was our 2nd with host-party.com and we will keep coming back!
Joanne C. - Sunrise, FL
Friday, October 30, 2009
What really made this game was everyone dressing up and getting into character as pirates! I followed other hosts' suggestions and combined rounds 1 and 2, which made things flow pretty smoothly and quickly. The mystery itself wasn't very easy to follow or figure out, especially after a few swigs of the pirate's rum! The instructions suggest the host know the outcome, but I wanted to play too, so I didn't read any of the clues beforehand. It seemed to work out fine that way. Everyone had a great time and the party seemed to be a success! I'm already looking for my next mystery to host!
Melanie G. - Riverside, California
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
The party went really well, however I should have followed the suggestion of the other hosts on combining 2 first rounds - there is just not enough information in the first round. Mystery was good, everybody enjoyed themselves, I think there could have been an improvement on my side- to try to keep rounds on time as we started the game at 7 and finished it at 2:30. At the end of the night we added a treasure hunt - we had played a dice game throughout the night between rounds and whoever won it got the "Map of Blake Beard's Treasure" which we put in the chest and burried in the backyard(three bottles of rum were in it). It was fun finding it at 2:30 am.:) We had painted signs for the house and decorated it as tavern, got other pirates to "purchase" drinks from the bartender Lucy and we had Irish music playing all night....there is a lot of things you could do, it was a blast!
Tatiana C. - Nackawic, NB
Sunday, July 12, 2009
I was one of 3 co-hosts for this party. Everyone loved the opportunity to play pirates! Fabulous costumes and lots of chances to say "ARRRGH!". What's not to like? ... Was the party a success? Absolutely yes!
Nan - Houston, TX
Thursday, April 02, 2009
This mystery went well and was tons of fun! Great costume oppurtunities as well!!!
Jennifer S. - Stillwater, Oklahoma
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
The party TOTALLY ROCKED! We had a gay old time playing find the booty. Thanks for everything, and we hope to do it again soon.
Carl D. - Moss Beach, CA
Wednesday, October 29, 2008