'Diamond Thief'  Game Synopsis

6 girls (+ 1 or 2 adult hosts)

A group of girls attend the exclusive Diamond Academy, a private school designed to promote gifted and talented young women. However, all activities are put on hold when mega-rich teen Jewell Diamond announces that a bracelet has been stolen from her room. As her parents are from the founding family of the Academy, pressure's high to find the culprit. Tomboy Brittany 'Base' Ball reveals the bracelet inside her baseball cap. She insists she didn't take it. Is she telling the truth, or is Brittany really the thief? Includes two optional characters for which you can create your own clues to help customize your gaming experience!

Girls at an modern day Academy for the gifted and talented try to sleuth out which one of them is a thief by talking to each other and collecting clues. Includes two optional characters for which you can create your own clues to help customize your gaming experience!

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  • Host Instructions
  • Guest Instructions
  • Character Descriptions
  • Character Motives
  • Game Clues
  • Print-able Invitations
  • Email-able Invitations
  • Invitation Tracking
  • Name Tags
  • Pre-Game Clues
  • Suggested Recipes
  • Tips from Other Hosts
  • Bulk Emailing Tools
  • Scripts (Large Group Games Only)
  • Cast Materials (Large Group Games Only)

Team-Building Features (Available only in Team Building version)

  • Facilitator's Instructions
  • Team Assignments Tools
  • Team Building Activities
  • Table Tents
  • Team Building Tips and Suggestions
  • Questionnaires and Team Review Tools
  • Awards

Murder Mystery Reviews

That game was awesome! I'm gonna do that for my next birthday! Rachael's party was the best. Thanks for a great party!!!
Megan P.
Monday, March 22, 2010
This game was so fun i loved it and want to play it again i think they picked out just the write Characters.I loved the Jewell Diamond she has so much energy and was great for that role:) Play this one it is the best
Sarah B. - Utah
Monday, January 25, 2010
It is a great game.My friends and I all got into character.We acted like our characters and never got out til the end.I would recromened for girls with small party with people who get into chracter.
Marissa C. - Melbourne Beach, FL
Monday, September 21, 2009
We did this party for my daughter who was turning twelve. I think this was the perfect age. They came in character and stayed in character the whole time! I loved how interactive this website was. I could type each girls name into the character we chose for her and it would print of customized invitations. It was so easy. Then the girls could log on and see who else was coming and leave comments. They loved this part! It is so fun to use the fingerprint analyzer too. By the time the party actually arrived, anticipation was high. This party did not dissapoint. I looked on every murder mystery sight in the web and did not find a better one or a better price.
Courtney C. - Utah
Friday, August 28, 2009
Just to begin with we had so much fun planning this party. It was fun sending out the invitations on the web and seeing their responses. Every came in character and stayed in character the whole time. What a blast to see what some of the girls cames up with. We will be doing another mystery party again in the near future.
Brittani G. - Daytona Beach Fl
Friday, February 13, 2009
The party was a blast. The game was a little confusing, but we know they had a great time becoming the different characters.
Whitney C. - Perham, Minnesota
Wednesday, November 07, 2007