'Beverly Hills Assassin'  Game Synopsis

5 - 8 Girls

Beverly Hills Lady's Academy is getting a very important visitor, Katherine Livingstone, the First Lady of the United States. After an official greeting by the entire school the First Lady is given a tour by 7 of the students. The last stop on the tour is the school auditorium where the First Lady will address the student body later in the day. But as the group enter the auditorium a bomb explodes. The auditorium entrance is completely destroyed killing all but one of the First Lady's secret service agents and trapping the tour group in the auditorium. Now no one is going to be able to get in or out of the auditorium for the next few hours. And to make things worse, it soon becomes apparent that the assassin is one of those trapped with the First Lady and, believe it or not, there is a second bomb! Can the assassin be found before the second bomb goes off?

Set in the present day at an exclusive Beverly Hills Girls School this game is perfect for young teen or pre-teen girls. This game would work great for a birthday party or sleep-over.

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Murder Mystery Reviews

This game was fun but did not take nearly the 1-1/2 hours to 2 hours it was marketed as requiring. In fact, the 8 girls (12 years old) were fully participating and having fun with it but it took only 35 minutes to play out. Disappointing as I had to scurry around to fill them time with other things.
Julie C. - US
Thursday, January 16, 2014
This was the hit of the party! We played Beverly Hills Assassin at my 13 yr old daughter's all-girl party. Every few minutes the girls expressed how much fun this was. Now, they all want to have a mystery party of their own. The moms were impressed, too. I'm so happy we found Host-Party.com! Thank you!
Terri B. - Apex, NC
Thursday, January 31, 2013
We hosted Beverly Hills Assassin for our daughter''s 12th birthday - a spend-the-night party for 10 girls. The mystery was written for 8 girls, but the website let us add a couple of "custom characters" and we were able to copy their character description and pictures from the online sources. We edited the descriptions some and went back and added to the "script" so that everybody had a speaking part and/or actions to perform in every round. We also updated the flowcharts for the rounds to include the new characters (using an separate word processor). The clues provided were great, the props and ideas on building the bomb were creative, and the girls had a blast! (hmm... pun intended, maybe...) I did have a problem the first time I tried to print the invitations one night to mail them the next day. I called and emailed the contact numbers we had as we were down to about the last 10 days before the party. I was amazed that I had an email response the first thing the very next morning. I was told how to fix the problem, and also emailed an invitation to use as a template in case the online directions did not work. The customer service was great. My other concern was that the mystery would be up too early in the evening. We ended up starting it around 7 and, between the eating and gift opening and cake breaks, didn''t finish it until around 11! All of the girls seemed to really enjoy acting out their characters personality (and still answer to their character names when we see them around!). We were very pleased and would recommend the host-party.com site.
Lynn . - Georgia
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Reasonable game for 11/12 year olds - our crowd had good fun. However I really struggled to string it out for an hour - could only take 30 minutes back-to-back.
Alison H. - Scotland
Thursday, January 27, 2011
We had a blast with this game. The girls loved it! Even the quieter friends got into it. We ended up having one of the girls not be able to show up but it was easy to quickly adjust the clues and continue playing. We did all of the acts while sitting around the dinner table so nobody really noticed the accessories being held. The girls even ad libbed a few parts, really got into character, which definitely helps add to the mystery. Great time. We''ll definitely host another mystery party.
Kadi - Rosemount, MN
Monday, January 03, 2011
I LOVED THIS MYSTERY! My friends and I had such a great time doing it that I think I'm going to do another mystery party this year. We added the character Mrs. Mexiflower because 1 too many people were coming and we had her be the mean teacher. Over all this was my favorite birthday party I have every had.
Clementine Q. - Mill Valley, CA
Saturday, July 17, 2010
this was probally the best party this school year. Better than mine
Mikayla - pasadena, Maryland
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
My daughters B-day is near Halloween so we do alot of Halloween/costume parties for her B-day. This year she asked if she could have a muredr mystery party. She was turning 11 so we decided to try the Beverly Hills Assassin and let the girls sleep over as well. We sent the invites well ahead of time so they could "get into character" and boy did they. we broke up the rounds with food and presents and the girls kept character the entire time. My parents, her dad, and I were laughing at how well some of the girls were doing with their parts. As best I could tell they all had fun and my daughter was right on with who should play what rolls based on the description. The party was just 2 days ago and she already thinks we should do it again. We hope new mysteries keep being added and look forward to trying another one soon.
Wendy - Dover, DE
Wednesday, November 04, 2009
It worked out really well. It was the best Murder Mystery party I've ever hosted. The girls were talking about it for weeks.
Elena E. - Belmont, CA
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
I needed a murder mystery for my 11 year old twins birthday party. The first one I ordered, from a different company, was awful. It was very confusing and twice as expensive. I finally decided to try the Beverly Hills Acadamy Murder Mystery and it was great! I did have to modify it because I had 11 girls, so I actually added 3 characters. It took some work on my part, but worth the effort. I also had the girls draw names for their characters after they arrived instead of assigning parts. Part of the party fun was dressing up for their character. I had alot of costumes and had it all set up before the party. Because of the modifications I made, I had to type up the entire script from scratch. And then copy it for each girl. We actually filmed ours, and made it into a movie. Most of the girls would learn their lines during a practice round, so it turned out really good. I also added that each character had a 'bag' of some sort with a clue that could link them to the bomb. Then the secret service agent searched the bags and described each item. This made it more difficult, so that any of the girls could have been the assassin. I had to secretly give each girl the items/clues for their bag. Each girl was filmed individually describing their characters at the beginning. This also helped them get to know each character. The girls loved making it into a movie and then watching it during pj time.
Beverly H. - SC
Sunday, March 01, 2009