'Shore Secret'  Game Synopsis

8 - 12 Guests

Allenhurst, New Jersey is a seaside resort town that defines wealthy. Carmine Loriano lives in one of the incredible mansions along its shoreline. He has made a fortune from his chain of upscale hotels, and everyone knows the sole heir to this family fortune is his spoiled brat son, Anthony. Or shall we say, he WAS the heir. Anthony was murdered in the kitchen of the Loriano estate. And now everyone’s a suspect.

As the mystery unravels, it will be up to the guests and staff to decipher lies from truth, guilt from innocence. This interactive game requires no props, little preparation and is perfect for the busy host who wants to throw a great party!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

It was great!! this party was awesome. i had it for my 14th birthday and had 5 guys and 6 girls. It was awesome. some of the characters were alot easier than others but if you had a good time the character was no problem!!! This was awesome and i would recommend it to ANYONE!!!!
Olivia - New Jersey
Saturday, June 19, 2010
This was a good party, expect the party to take around 2 hours. I though that it was going to take 3, so we did'nt have much to do at the end. Try to decorate the area and serve syleized food, it really adds to the atmosphere. At the end of the party, many of my guests did not really have a guess, so try to enhance the clues and make them really obvious.
Bonita K. - Denver, CO
Saturday, October 24, 2009
It was fun! No one guessed the murderer! The hosting couple had the room all decorated with the theme, food was wonderful and everyone really played their parts! Can't wait to do it again.
Toni J. - Des Moines, Iowa
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
I have never laughed so hard in my life. What a great event. The characters were so colorful and it was funny to see my friends scheming and getting into their roles. The night was fun all the way through and I would recommend this game to everyone! Plus, the setting was the Jersey shore, which we all know and love. Thanks for such a memorable night!
Erin - Monmouth County, New Jersey
Monday, July 07, 2008
I had a great time with all my friends. It was one of the best birthday parties I've ever had. Even if some of my friends aren't actors, they had a great time. Everything ran smoothly also. The only problem was that no one got every part of the answer(WHO,WHY,HOW)correct. One part had almost no clues that could help you figure it out. Since no one got it all right, we gave them points based on what parts they did get right. Overall I'd give it a 8.5/10!
Jeffrey - Safety Harbor, Florida
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
It was so much fun! My friends and I had such a great time acting it all out and playing the roles. Best party idea we've had in a long time!
Tori L. - Pfafftown, NC
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
I bought this game and set it up as a surprise party for my husband. We were celebrating a combined Valentine's Day / 5th wedding anniversary. Everyone had a blast! Several of the guests had been practicing their characters for about a week before the party. Everyone else got into character fairly well. I was really pleased with it and can't wait to have another one this summer!
Rochelle L. - Manteca, California
Saturday, March 01, 2008
We enjoyed this game very much. We went all out and dressed our parts to the max. I hosted a dinner for our 12 other guests and made packets for them to keep under their dinner plates. When we wanted to proceed to the next round, the guests would simply pull out thier next numbered clue to keep the game rolling. It really took time to be organized and set the game up in order for this to be a success. But all the time I put in to it surely paid off. We all had a great time. I read everyone's parts and found learned who the murderer was before guests arrived so that I could see the game unfold and so that I could reveal missings pieces of evidence in case one forgot to do so. But no one knew that I was not a suspect myself. We'll definetly do this again! Lynn Osborn
Lynn O. - Jacksonville, Florida
Friday, January 18, 2008
Very entertaining! Our group was in to it.
Bryan R. - orange, calif....
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
It was a ton fun! Thanks a lot.
Moira K. - Florida
Saturday, September 22, 2007