Clue Based Murder Mystery Games
(Small Group Games)

These murder mystery parties are generally designed for smaller, more intimate parties. They are ideal for dinner parties, family gatherings, birthday parties, anniversaries and special occasions.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Generally 18 or less. Consider a large group murder mystery party for groups larger than 16.

GAME DURATION: Approximately 2 hours.

Before the game, print out the clues and organize them by round and character (It is usually a good idea to put them in envelopes).

Basically your guests will come in character, as will you. They will socialize during your appetizers. During this time you will casually deliver the first round of clues. Each guest will receive a clue and they will read this to themselves. Most guest will receive a clue to reveal and one to conceal. The guests should then share their revealing clues at their leisure with whomever they choose. At the same time, they try to conceal their secret clue. Conceal means they try to avoid the subject or spin the topic - they CAN NOT LIE. This process is repeated for each round. The timing is up to you, but usually allow an hour per round.

Breaking out of character to spend a few minutes to review these ground rules is not a bad idea for people new to murder mysteries, but be sure that it is brief and at the beginning. After that don't look back and stay in character, even when tempted to break out to clear up some confusion. The confusion will pass and it is better to keep the fluidity of the event then to clarify every point. Our murder mystery games are built more for entertainment, than for serious gumshoe work. Having a good setting (which you have done exceptionally well), a charismatic group is all you need.

Solution Round: After dinner you will want to invite everyone to gather around to reveal the solution. First ask everyone who they think did it, how and why. Then have each guest read their clue out loud in order of clue number.

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Murder Mystery Parties